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Bley LLC is an international organization providing state-of-the-art technology in contract machining, CNC machining, machine building and engineering.

Whether your parts are large or small, single components or complete systems, we are committed to delivering products that meet your most discriminating requirements. Quality and flexibility are assured through an infrastructure that is designed for everything from prototype work to high-volume production

Strategically located in the Midwest in a climate controlled facility. We manufacture components that can be milled and turned from a few ounces to an excess of 30,000 pounds and inspected on our super accurate Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

Using cutting edge innovative technology to build our systems and manage our processes, and state of the art equipment to manufacture the parts, Bley LLC helps companies in the Alternative Energy, Oil & Gas, Heavy Transportation, Mining, Defense, Construction, Aerospace, Packaging, Medical, Nuclear and Graphics/Printing industries.

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